A Case for Treason: Treachery of The European Union Exposed

By Neil Foster – The Sovereign Independent –

Definition of Treason:

The offence of attempting to overthrow the government of the state to which one owes allegiance, either by making war against the state or by materially supporting its enemies. – Also termed ‘high treason’

Source: Black’s Law Dictionary, Ninth Edition, page 1639

“…[a]…citizen’s actions to help a foreign government overthrow, make war against, or seriously injure the [parent nation].”

Source: Oran’s Dictionary of the Law (1983)

Having read the definition of treason above, wouldn’t you think that this would be a crime, which the police service of Britain should have on their list of criminal offences?

Well, apparently not!

A colleague and I have just returned from reporting the crime of treason to the local police station in Suffolk Constabulary, UK.

This involves the fact that Britain , in our case, although every country in Europe, was treasonously shoehorned into the European Union through stealth and lies.

We first reported it to the civilian officer at the front desk who handed the complaint onto Constable Police Number 707. We insisted on a private room which we were duly given and put forward our case.

After a short conversation where we stated the case for treason, he confessed to not having treason on his system as a crime. The conversation progressed from there and the Constable, after looking at reports on the subject from other constabularies told us that Cambridge had rejected the charges. He then came across a report from Norwich constabulary, which was a lengthy report by his own admission, which he said he’d have to read later.

He then had to leave us and talk to his superior and invited us back to the reception area asking us to wait. At this point, he refused to take our folder of evidence containing government and other documentation going back as far as 1970.

After a short while he returned and accepted the folder of evidence which he said he had passed onto Inspector Hudson. I asked the Constable if Inspector Hudson had a police number, which he denied.

I then asked him for Inspector Hudson’s first name which he claimed he did not know. After pressing him to find out for me, he did so. The name of Inspector Ben Hudson was then, duly noted.

The constable was then warned that he would be in serious neglect of his duty and would therefore be guilty of the offence of ‘misprision of treason’ should he fail to act as would his superiors.

We then asked for a ‘crime book number’, which we were refused. Instead, we were given an ‘incident number’ 292 of 25/2/11. We were told this was normal practice in the reporting of a crime until such times as a crime had been identified after an examination of the evidence put forward.

After approximately an hour and a half, we left the police station and returned home.

At all times, from the civilian clerk at the front desk to the constable in question, we were treated with courtesy and respect although the nature of the complaint seemed baffling to them.

However, Inspector Ben Hudson refused to meet us in person to discuss our allegation so at this point we are unable to comment on his attitude to this serious case. We hope in future to speak to Inspector Hudson with a view to taking matters further.

Not long after my colleague received a call from the police station stating that they would indeed look at the evidence, claiming that they would hand it over to ‘intelligence’ to investigate his case and would get back to him in due course.

The officer on the phone stated that this came under Common Law and this was agreed.

This is just the start of this procedure of which the details were given to the constable concerned allowing him to clearly see the procedure that we were going to follow subject to their response.

Watch this space!

A free CD ROM is available from the British Constitution Group containing all documentation related to the case for treason which also contains information on Ireland’s EU membership process. All information contained was kept under wraps for 30 years under the official secrets act thus making a mockery of the apparent transparency of the process of signing up to the EuSSR!


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