Оперативац ЦИА и НСП-а: Осама бин ладен је мртав још од 2002 г. / Operativac CIA-a i NWO-a: Osama bin laden mrtav još od 2002 g. / CIA-NWO operative: Osama bin laden dead since 2002.

Gen. Petraeus: “I will wage my third war in Pakistan” (after assuming charge of the miltarised CIA) The same global corporate media which fooled the world that there were “Weapons of Mass Destruction” in Saddam Hussein’s possession and that a handful… of Arabs “rammed planes into the WTC towers” are again trying to give false perceptions using disinformation especially to provoke the people of Pakistan.

Osama bin Laden had been killed at Tora Bora, Afghanistan back in 2002 by none other than CIA double-agent Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. Corporate American media: “US helicopter that went down during bin Laden kill operation was caused by a ‘lack of air’ from high compound walls – NBC News” Fact: It was shot down by the Pakistan Air Force. We are gathering information on OBL issue and can assure you that Obama is lying again as he did on Davis as being a diplomat. A US helicopter has been shot down by Pakistan air defense units but Obama says there was no loss of US forces! The media and the US are NOT talking about the downed chopper nor we have seen the body of Osama. Osama may have been killed somewhere else and body being dumped here!

CIA Director Panetta: “al-Qaeda will ‘almost certainly’ attempt to avenge bin Laden death” – Reuters More false-flags on American soil or somewhere in Europe? 3 or 4 Appache Choppers came from Afghnistan to do another black flag operation.In response to this we shot down one chopper. Fact of the matter is we know nothing what happened!whatever is coming in Media its source is CIA.Onething is confirm that JSOC ( Joint Special Operation Command ) conducted an operation.Against whom? we don`t know. Now whats going to happened is that Zionists are going to launched black flag Nuke strike in US.US will blamed Pakistan for this and tell the world that Pakistan nukes are not in safe hands.we should move in and take their nuclear weapons.From dayone their target is Pakistan because Pakistan represent revival of Islamic ideology,Islamic social,political,economic system.Pakistan is the only country who counld stop Zionist world order. The time in which we are living is the most sinister and evil plans are being unfoded as we speaks.

Checkout some comments of friends in this issue Steve:Buried at sea? yeah, right. I wonder how long, if ever the United States will produce photo’s of Bin Laden’s dead body? Is he truly dead? Or, is this just another psy-op? Kinda funny how Bin Laden was ‘confirmed dead’ on the same day that Hitler was ‘confirmed dead, (May 1st, 1945). Has anyone seen Hitler’s body either? Do THEY really think we’re all just brainwashed sheep? Speak your voice! Demand to see PHYSICAL PROOF that Bin laden is dead! Jey:If I were to believe this story I would have to be one of the 100′s of millions of brain-dead americans that will believe anything that comes out of the pentagon/millitary industrial complex. I’m not one of them Thank God.

However, To play the devil’s advocate… I think the families of dead americans who died on 9/11 had a right to see the man who “did IT” much like the witnessing of executions in jails. Did the zionist US government completely lose touch with reality? or are they hiding the evidence of yet another lie?

Now I`m quoting Zaid Hamid a renown defence analyst in Pakistan “World media projects Pakistan as the epicentre of terror. That Pakistan is a failing state and the world should take away the nuclear weapons from Pakistan.This would be the greatest blunder that humanity would commit if Pakistan is brought under pressure.The civil society, the patriotic elements, and the people who are seeking the truth-the alternate media,they must see through this Zionist game. They must acknowledge the fact that Pakistan remains the last obstacle in the way of Israel, Zionists and Neo-cons’expansion plan in the greater Middle East because Pakistani armed forces train the armed forces of the entire Middle Eastern Muslim countries. Pakistan in the past has always been called for help when Israel had attacked Egypt and Syriain 1967and 1974.These countries had requested Pakistan and Pakistani Air defence units for help. Pakistani fighter pilots went to Egypt and Syria and Pakistan is the only Muslim country in the world which shot down Israeli air craft in an air to air combat.This is a fact that no body knows in the world.That is why the Israelis are terribly scared of Pakistan.Pakistanis have a history of shooting them down.They have a history of defending the Arab land sand that is why they say they need Pakistan. We need to support Pakistan for the sake of all the freedom loving people, people who want justice, honour and dignity and want to live in peace.Pakistanis the centre of gravity. Your focus must remain in protecting and defending Pakistan as the last bastion, the last fortress for true freedom in the world.

The projection that they give in the western media is cunning, evil, and sinister; it is a propaganda disinformation war against the Pakistani state. They are raising the western emotions against Pakistan and they want to get Pakistan beaten up from the west and in reality Pakistan is not just stabilizing Asia but also the MiddleEast and the GreaterMiddleEast.Pakistan exists in the eye of the storm.Pakistanis are living here and fighting here for the freedom of the entire humanity;we are all on board in this commonwar.We are fighting for justice and freedom against the oppression of Zionists and Neo-cons. And for this reason,we continue to resist.Inpursuit of this truth we will live with dignity and when the time comes we will die with honour”.

Afghan Taliban,Jalaludeen Haqani,Gulbadeen Hiqmatyar did`nt condemn US DRAMA.Only CIA Created Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan condemn this drama and warned of Attacks on Pakistan and US.Raymond davis who get caught red handed its proven that he is going to provide nuclear fissile material to Pakistani Taliban.Also in wikileaks this leak come in that Israel plans to attack US with nuke and blame Pakistan.What media is feeding us is lies,deception to wage a big war against Pakistan.US has no credibilty on any matter whether its Weapon of mass destruction in Iraq,Raymond davis case or this drama.Their is no alternative media who could tell us what happened last night.All info is coming from CIA.no one know what happened and a guy from Yeman says Osama is dead.What is his source of information.I`m 101% clear his source of info is CIA. Atlast i only say do think what Zaid Hamid says about Pakistan.

TX Podcast 01: Osama bin Dead since 2002, killed at Tora Bora Summary: According to exclusive Terminal X source reports, it is revealed that Osama bin Laden had been killed at Tora Bora, Afghanistan back in 2002 by none other than CIA double-agent Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. https://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=205529522811380&oid=132128813497106&comments The world’s most notorious manhunt in recent history is over, as Washington confirms it has eliminated its number one terrorist – Osama Bin Laden. Ahmed Quraishi, Senior Research Fellow at a Pakistani think-tank, says Osama’s death has provided the U.S. with a way to save face and withdraw from Afghanistan. http://youtu.be/Tek2bCSvXmk Osama bin Bogeyman? ‘CIA getting rid of old asset’ http://youtu.be/hi2Mphoaaos

Од: Ahsan Malik

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