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Џералд Селенте: Рат у Либији!? Гле ко га води!!! / Gerald Celene: Rat u Libiji!? Gle ko ga vodi!!! / Gerald Celente: Libya war!? Look who’s leading us into it!!!

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Злочини против човечанства почињени од стране В. Британије и Америке. / Zločini protiv čovečanstva počinjeni od strane V. Britanije i Amerike / The crimes against humanity commited by the British Empire and USA.

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СИРИЈА: Ко стоји иза антивладиних демонстрација? Стварање лажних изговора за нову “хуманитарну” САД-НАТО интервенцију. / SIRIJA: Ko stoji iza anivladinih demonstracija u zemlji? Fabrikovanje lažnih izgovora za novu “humanitarnu” SAD-NATO intervenciju. / SYRIA: Who is Behind The Protest Movement? Fabricating a Pretext for a US-NATO “Humanitarian Intervention”

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Moreover, in contrast to Egypt and Tunisia, in Syria there is considerable popular support for President Bashar Al Assad. The large rally in Damascus on March 29, “with tens of thousands of supporters” (Reuters) of President Al Assad is barely mentioned. Yet in an unusual twist, the images and video footage of several pro-government events were used in an utterly twisted fashion by the Western media to convince international public opinion that the President was being confronted by mass anti-government rallies.

Tens of thousands of Syrians gather for a pro-government rally at the central bank square in Damascus March 29, 2011. (Reuters Photo)”

Прича о прасету: Дејвид Ајк / Priča o prasetu: Dejvid Ajk / A Pig Story by: David Icke

Barack ObamaBarack Obama
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A Fairy Story by David Icke

Barack Obama

Now children, are you sitting comfortably? Then your government will begin. Once upon a time there were three little pigs and they all sprouted wings. One little pig did not have a birth certificate so they faked one very badly so he could say he was the Big Pig and live with his snout in a trough in his little, well, not so little, white house.