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Џералд Селенте: Рат у Либији!? Гле ко га води!!! / Gerald Celene: Rat u Libiji!? Gle ko ga vodi!!! / Gerald Celente: Libya war!? Look who’s leading us into it!!!

“Операција Либија” и рат за нафтне ресурсе / “Operacija Libija” i rat za naftne resurse / “Operation Libya” and the Battle for Oil

The US and NATO are supporting an armed insurrection in Eastern Libya, with a view to justifying a “humanitarian intervention”.

This is not a non-violent protest movement as in Egypt and Tunisia. Conditions in Libya are fundamentally different. The armed insurgency in Eastern Libya is directly supported by foreign powers. The insurrection in Benghazi immediately hoisted the red, black and green banner with the crescent and star: the flag of the monarchy of King Idris, which symbolized the rule of the former colonial powers.