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Разбијање митова Дарвинове теорије еволуције / Shattering the myths of Darwins Theory of Evolution / Razbijanje mitova Darvinove teorije evolucije

Стари народ србски: Видео са јутјуба

Нордијско прекрајање историје:

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Acambaro findings / Reptiles / Reptiloides / Facts

RUSSIAN TEAM OF SCIENTISTS EXPLORES ARCHEOLOGICAL SITE IN ACAMBARO, MEXICO – JULSRUD DINOSAUR COLLECTION. HISTORY OF THE SITE: In 1944 Waldemar Julsrud accidentally discovered a strange archaeological site in Acambaro, Guanajuato, Mexico. An excavation of the site at the foot of El Toro Mountain on the outskirts of Acambaro yielded over 33,500 ceramic, stone, and jade artifacts. Julsrud, a prominent local German merchant and knowledgeable archeologist, also found statues ranging…