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Инспиратор “Мајн Кампфа” био је Хенри Форд / Inspirator “Mein Kampf-a” bio je Henry Ford / Inspiration for Hitlers Mein Kampf actually came from american Henry Ford

Хенри Форд - Оснивач америчке компаније "Форд Моторс Компани" и један од највећих инвеститора у фашистичко треће царство (тзв. трећи рајх) дојчерске нације. Хитлер је његову слику држао на зиду свог кабинета.

Пише: Николај ИВАНОВ, новинар, историчар политиколог         ЗАШТО су САД увек подржавале фашистичке и полуфашистичке режиме и све крваве диктатуре ХХ века? Зашто су одгајиле Хитлера, подржале Мусолинија и Франка, наметнуле режим „црних пуковника” у Грчкој и извеле фашистички пуч у Кијеву?  Има ли та, „у свету узорна демократија”, сродности  са фашизмом?          Постоји мишљење да је фашизам ...

Сведочења преживелих срба из усташког логора смрти – Јасеновца / Svedočenja preživelih srba iz ustaškog logora smrti – Jasenovca / Serbian survivor testimonies of the croatian concetration camp complex – Jasenovac

Ms. Tesich: Okay. Now, what I am really interested and this is
very painful, I am aware of that, are there any images that to this day
you associated Jasenovac. If you would, think of one or two images.
Mr. Živković: Yes. One particular image was one of the first
ones I arrived. When we came in, the previous group was empted
already. It was empty. All brick yard and there was wall
approximately five to six feet tall, to eight feet, I can’t judge it. And
one of the particular images that sets in my mind is that woman and
her daughter. She was approximately twelve to fourteen years old.
They came in later. They was right in front of my mother and me.
The woman asked my mother if she could help her put up, leg up,
her daughter to the wall because her husband and her son were here
and her little girl wanted to wave at her brother. My mother obliged
that and the two of them pushed and gave the girl leg up. She looked
over the wall, she waved to her brother and then she said to her
mother in Serbian: “I see them, mom, I see them, mom. And they
wave back to me, oh mom. They are beating him now. They are
killing him.” She just went shocked. She just start screaming. And
so, they lowered her and there was, I don’t know how big maybe the
wall. Ten to fifteen minutes, twenty minutes, the Ustashas came in
and they took away the girl and mother. I didn’t see personally, for
example, as they was walking to this particular, they held us in front
a, there was a well and on the right there were toilets and the shed.
We was on the left side, right next to the well. We lived out in a
nature, under the skies, you know, no food, no blankets, no nothing,
no kind of comfort and when they took the girl and the mother they
announced us that we were not allowed to talk across the wall, not
allowed to wave to anybody and that we will be strongly punished.
Strictly, very punished. So it was, I guess, a couple of days later this
thing go around the Camp, everybody was like sardines all packed
in and so new lady came in and my mother was talking with her and
I asked my mother for some water and my mother said: “No Georgy,
we don’t have, I don’t have any more water”, and I said: “But mom,
the well”, and she said: “No, you can’t have the water”, and they
started talking about it and I heard them saying, my mother, that
lady and my mother said: “They threw the girl in it after they
tortured her”.