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NATO (KFOR) shooting unarmed serbian civilians in Jarinje, serbian province of Kosovo i Metohija

So here we go again! It's truly funny how the history has it's own ways of repeating itself so precisely to the point where one has to ask himself: "Am I dreaming or is this really happening all over again!?". The last such situation happened in Jarinje on the provincial "border" between the southern serbian province of ...

WikiLeaks is the “Cognitive Infiltration” Operation demanded by Cass Sunstein

Webster G. Tarpley
January 22, 2011

Awareness is growing around the world that the Wikileaks-Julian Assange theater of the absurd is radically inauthentic – a psyop. Wikileaks and its impaired boss represent a classic form of limited hangout or self-exposure, a kind of lurid striptease in which the front organization releases doctored and pre-selected materials provided by the intelligence agency with the intent of harming, not the…