NATO (KFOR) shooting unarmed serbian civilians in Jarinje, serbian province of Kosovo i Metohija

So here we go again!

It’s truly funny how the history has it’s own ways of repeating itself so precisely to the point where one has to ask himself: “Am I dreaming or is this really happening all over again!?”. The last such situation happened in Jarinje on the provincial “border” between the southern serbian province of “Kosovo i Metohija” and the northern Serbia where NATO occupation forces (mostly American & German) have shot at the peaceful protestors. About 1’500 of them have been protesting against NATO and KPS (Kosovo Police Service) occupying the provincial borders and setting the Gestapo style checkpoints since the 16th of July 2011 siding with the criminal “government” of Hashim Thaci in Pristina. The government that wants to force the serb majority living in the north part of serbian province Kosovo i Metohija to accept the criminal rule.

Wiithout any reasonable explanation NATO shot live ammounition at the unarmed people injuring 118 of them and 10 of them severely. This has not been reported by any western media outlet. The wounds have been inflicted by NATO standard 5,56 rounds. Hitting people in the back (while fleeing) and shooting at the Ambulance cars while picking up the wounded. It has also been reported that NATO forces are destroying the forensic evidences forcing the police in the town of Kosovska Mitrovica to give them the shells they have gathered where the shootings took place. The video bellow has been recorded at 27th September this year:

Let’ see the ambulance vehicle which transported the injured civilians:

[hana-flv-player video=”” width=”400″ height=”330″ description=”” player=”4″ autoload=”true” autoplay=”false” loop=”false” autorewind=”true” /]

Are these the peacekeepers!? They should protect and help the people!?

[hana-flv-player video=”” width=”400″ height=”330″ description=”” player=”4″ autoload=”true” autoplay=”false” loop=”false” autorewind=”true” /]


Well… I’m pretty sure you heard the shots. Now take a look at the pictures of the wounded:


  1. Bullet ENTRY point





2. Bullet EXIT point

  3. EXIT wound, man shot from behind while fleeing.

Now let’s take a look at how people who were shot at provoked the NATO forces:

[hana-flv-player video=”” width=”400″ height=”330″ description=”” player=”4″ autoload=”true” autoplay=”false” loop=”false” autorewind=”true” /]


Can it be that the great soldiers didn’t like the traditional serbian meal!? That could explain shooting at the people right? Remember this serbian gesture happened only a week before NATO shot at the protesters… Wow! Now I finally understand the sentence: “Food for guns!”, it means you give them food they give you bullets!

Let’s see this tough guys striking a pose at the bridge in Kosovska Mitrovica where the message on the wall explains a lot:

Now the famous pose of the proud fascist nazi germany:

Very reminiscent of the “good” old times on the eastern front:

An objective report about the incident on RT chanel:

[hana-flv-player video=”” width=”400″ height=”330″ description=”” player=”4″ autoload=”true” autoplay=”false” loop=”false” autorewind=”true” /]


But, before I get into details explaining to you why and how exactly is history repeating itself all over again, logically I’ll have to give you the picture of the bitter history of the serbs first. Knowing that maybe you’ve been thought some different lessons I’ll have to start from the point where it’s all so obvious, I have to be thorough but I’ll try as much as possible to make the very long story short. Maybe your teacher has been lied to and then he unconciessly lied to you. Just as reference point for later comparissons I’ll give you some statistics (which are not 100% precise because of the manipulations done by Italians, Germans and Communists) to look at: In the year of 1871 there were 64% of Serbs and 32% of Albanians in Kosovo i Metohija (also worthy of mentioning is the fact that in 1455 there were only 1% of Albanians in Kosovo i Metohija). Very important fact is that the First League of Prizren which was formed in 1878 had the goal to annex all the territories where the Albanians lived from the surronding countries. So the results of that Albanian alliance can be seen in the demographic picture from 1899 which states that 47.88% of population was Albanian and 43.7% Serbian. The serbian population in Kosovo i Metohija is droping rapidly due to continuous repression and scare tactics commited by the Albanian extremist, separatist and terrorist groups. These statistics have been given to you as a clear and selfevident fact of the ethnic cleansing of Serbian population in Kosovo i Metohija through history.

To get a more precise picture about who is attacking who, and who is stealing from whom before you proceed with the history, take a look at the map of Europe from the year of 814 AD by the time of death of Charles the Great. On this map you can clearly see the borders of Serbia (Kosovo i Metohija, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, great part of todays Croatia, Macedonia and Greece were part of Serbia).

Europe at 814 A.D. (british map of europe at the time of death of Charles the Great - Charlemagne - 2nd reich)
Europe at 814 A.D. (british map of europe at the time of death of Charles the Great – Charlemagne – 2nd reich)

Balkan Wars (1912 & 1913): Soon after the Berlin Congress (13. June – 13. July 1878) the demographic situation in Kosovo i Metohija has changed again very rapidly, namely in 1899 there were already 48% of Albanians and 44% of the Serbs. Now how could that happen? It’s actually very easy to explain, after the Berlin Congress the Serbia has been put in a very hard situation and been pressured by Turkey from the south and Bulgaria (although in an alliance with Serbia as a member of Balkan league Bulgaria has had it’s hidden agenda which is due to the Serbo-Bulgarian war of 1885-1886) and Austrohungaria from the North and East. This unberable situation for Serbia has led to two Balkan wars. The first started on 8th Oct. 1912 (Balkan league: Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria and Montenegro freeing the occupied lands from Ottoman Empire) and ended seven months later (London treaty) and the second one starting on 16th June 1913 (where Bulgaria unstatisfied with the territorial gains in the first Balkan war, attacked it’s former allies and lost almost all territories it gained in the first Balkan war). This situation the Albanians extremists and hardcore nationalists used in their advantage and started the ethnic cleansing of the Kosovo i Metohija in a Serbia which was exhausted and on it’s knees, awaiting yet another war to come, the Worl War I.

World War I (1914-1918): It started in Sarajevo (in todays Bosnia & Herzegovina, about the history of that country I’ll be writing in another article) when a Serbian revolutionist and freedom fighter fed up with the repression politics of the great empire assasinated Austrohungarian prince Ferdinand. Soon after that event the AH empire has invaded Serbia on 28th of July 1914, provoking the first world war, the one that brought unimaginable destruction to many nations in the world. Serbs hold off Austrians for more than a year, inflicting 302,000 casualties. But Austro-Hungarian and Bulgarian troops finally occupy Kosovo i Metohija. In an epic retreat through Kosovo i Metohija and the Albanian Alps in October 1915, 120,000 Serbian soldiers die. Albanians (the Austrohungarian prolonged fascist hand) carry out reprisals. In October 1918, Serb, Italian, and French armies retake Kosovo. In the U.S., Serbians are hailed as heroes for their horrendous wartime sacrifices (about 800,000 Serbs died). During the occupation of Kosovo the albanian fascist divisions have commited numerous crimes against the Serbian population. The killings and tortures of the serbs in Kosovo i Metohija were on a daily program of the Austrohungarian pawns. A lot of serbs during these times have been expelled out of their own houses and lands. These lands have than been occupied by the Albanian fascists. So let’s take a look at the demographic situation again: 1921 – 69% of Albanians and 26% Serbs. So it is obvious to everyone that we are dealing with the systematic ethnic cleansing here.

World War II (1941-1945): Another very, very sad story for the serbian people. As always the serbs have been resisting the opression of the new world order tyrants and their pawns and they had to pay the grave price for it, because as we all know, you have to praise the king of the satanic new world order. I’ll focus myself on topic here and make a long (LONG) story very short. I won’t go into details about the sufferings of the serbs in so called “NDH” or “Independent state of Croatia” which has been built as the extended hand of the german fascists on the balkans in which about 2’000’000 serbs lost their lives in most brutal ways. Only in KZ (concentration camp) Jasenovac about 700’000 Serbs have lost their lives (being brutally killed, tortured, burnt, starved to death etc. etc.), and this was not the only concetration camp for serbs, jews and gypsies in “NDH” and Kingdom of Yugoslavia… I’ll focus on the history of Kosovo i Metohija province and the sufferings of the serbian people there.

On April 6, l941, Nazi Germany and the Axis powers invaded Yugoslavia, Operation Punishment, and Greece, forcing the capitulation of Yugoslavia on the 17th and Greece on the 23rd.Yugoslavia was subsequently occupied and dismembered.The Axis powers established a Greater Albania or Greater Shqiperia at the expense of Serbia and Montenegro. Territory from Montenegro was annexed to Greater Albania. From Serbia, the Kosovo and Metohija regions were ceded to Greater Albania, along with the western part of southern Serbia (Juzna Srbija), now part of Macedonia, an area which was part of Stara Srbija (Ancient or Old Serbia).This Kosovo-Metohija region and the durrounding territory annexed to Greater Albania was called New Albania.

To create an ethnically pure Albanian Kosovo, which the Albanians called Kosova,the Albanians (Shqiptari) launched a widescale campaigns of ethnic cleansing and genocide.Ethnic Serbs in the Kosovo-Metohija regions were massacred, and their homes were burned, and the survivors were brutally driven out and expelled in a policy of ethnic cleansing and genocide.

The Balli Kombetar (BK or National Union) was an Albanian nationalist group led by Midhat Frasheri and Ali Klissura whose political objective was to incorporate Kosovo-Metohija into a Greater Albania and to ethnically cleanse the region of Orthodox Serbs.

The Albanian Committee of Kosovo organized massive campaigns of ethnic cleansing and genocide against the Orthodox Serbian inhabitants of Kosovo-Metohija.A contemporary report described the ethnic cleansing and genocide of Serbs as follows:
Armed with material supplied by the Italians, the Albanians hurled themselves against the helpless settlers in their homes and villages. Accoring to the most reliables sources the Albanians burned many Serbian settlements, killing some of the people and driving out others who escaped to the mountains. At present other Serbian settlements are being attacked and the property of indviduals and of communities is either being confiscated or destroyed. It is not possible to ascertain at the present the exact number of victims of those atrocities, but it may be estimated that at least between 30,000 and 50,000 perished. And meanwhile in Kosovo i Metohija, under Albanian and German rule nearly 100,000 Albanians moved into Kosovo.  Serbs were harassed and attacked by the occupying force of Albanians.

Bedri Pejani, the Muslim leader of the Albanian National Committee, called for the extermination of Orthodox Serbian Christians in Kosovo-Metohija and for a union of a Greater Albania with Bosnia-Hercegovina and the Rashka (Sandzak) region of Serbia into a Greater Islamic State. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin el Husseini, was presented the Pejani plan which he approved as being in the interest of Islam. The Germans,however, rejected the plan.

On September 3, 1943, Italy capitulated by signing an armistice with the Allies. The Germans were then forced to occupy Albania with the collapse of the Italian forces. The Germans sent the 100th Jaeger Division from Greece and the 297th Infantry Division from Serbia and the German 1st Mountain Division to occupy Albania. These troops were organized into the XXI Mountain Corps, which was under the command of General Paul Bader.

Bedri Pejani organized and headed the Second Albanian League of Prizren in 1943, which sought to revive the goals of the First League of Prizren in 1878, which were to unite all the lands where Albanians lived into a single, unified Greater Albania. The Second Albanian League,like the First, was reactionary, anti-democratic, racist, authoritarian, and allied with Nazi Germany. Pejani found an ardent supporter of the Second League in Heinrich Himmler, the ìarchitect of genocide and the person who oversaw the Final Solution to the Jewish Problem. The Second League fit perfectly into Hitlers New Order in Europe. Moreover, Italian anthropological research had revealed that the Ghegs were Aryans or Nordic, the herrenvolk or master race like the Germans. Pejani and the Second League opposed democracy and human rights but sought to create a Greater Albania through genocide and ethnic cleansing. The 21st Waffen SS Division Skanderbeg resulted from the efforts of the Second League of Prizren.

Post World War II (1945-1991): After the war Yugoslavia consisted of republics of Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia.  In 1940 the Communist Party of Yugoslavia had committed in writing to an autonomous “Peasant Republic of Kosovo”, but as with so many communist promises it wasn’t kept.  In 1943, at Mulje in central Albania, a committee was established for the “Salvation of Albania”.  The agreement at the conclusion of this meeting sanctioned the creation of a unified Albanian state including Kosovo.  Needless to say, Yugoslavs strenuously objected.  Also in 1943 the 2nd Prizren League was established, with delegates from all Albanian territories including Kosovo, and with similar objectives.  During the war years Serbs and Montenegrins in Albanian occupied territory were brutalized by the SS “Skanderbeg” division which was comprised of Albanian soldiers under German officers. Albanian village police units also were involved in these activities directed against Serbs.  After the war, thousands of Serbs and Montenegrins were prohibited from returning to Kosovo, and thousands of Albanians immigrated into Kosovo.

These developments continued and intensified.  The 1974 constitution made Kosovo an Autonomous province but more importantly made it an equal constitutional element of the Federation as one of eight federal units.  Although not yet a republic its authority within the Federation was now equal to that of Serbia.  In 1978 a centennial celebration of the first League of Prizren was held which caused an even stronger resurgence of Albanian nationalism and a corresponding reduction of loyalty to the unified Yugoslav state.  Money going into capital development in Kosovo became a resented financial drain from other regions of Yugoslavia, especially Slovenia and Croatia.  A continues demographic explosion of births among low- income, poorly educated Albanians who became dependents of the government increased the financial drain and increased the resentment.  In addition, income inequalities became worse in the move toward “market socialism” and the move away from central planning. By 1981 100,000 Serbs left Kosovo and as Albanians continued to move in they now constituted 77% of the population in Kosovo.  Making economic development worse, the Serbs who left were better educated and technically trained than the Albanians who moved in.

The year 1990 began with civil disturbances by tens of thousands of Albanian protesters swelled by workers emptying out of the factories.  Violence resulted which was countered with equal or greater violence by security forces.  The not surprising result was even more violence, with thirty- one deaths and hundreds injured before the disturbances were quelled and the streets cleared.  In March 1990 the Serbian Parliament adopted the “Program for Achieving Peace, Freedom and Equality in Kosovo”.  It’s goal was the peaceful co-existence of all ethnic groups in Kosovo, but it also identified Albanian separatists as the main threat to this goal.  Because of all the many past events combined with Albanian desires for independence Albanians could not and did not accept the authority and legitimacy of this program.

In July 1990 the Serbian government deprived the illegal Kosovo  Parliament from meeting.  In response Albanian parliamentarians assembled on the steps of the Parliament building and proclaimed the Sovereign Republic of Kosova. Within the Yugoslav Federation. Serbia then officially dissolved Kosovo’s government and took executive control.  The complete removal of Kosovo’s autonomy was completed in September when a change in the Serbian constitution redefined Kosovo as a region in Serbia, with administrative and executive control now in the hands of the Serbian National Assembly. In response Albanian Kosovars adopted a constitution for their Republic of Kosova.

Civil War (SFRJ) (1991-1995): KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army) the terrorist gang already formed and well equiped largely sponsored by drug trafficking, racketering and human trafficking money has used the situation again in it’s advantage. Serbia beeing under sanctions and the condemnation by the western powers which propagated that the dissolvance of SFRJ (Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia) has all been the serbian fault, regardless of the fact that Mr. Stepan Mesic (croation minister) admited that he achieved his goal by destroying the Yugoslavia. Serbia during the war times was crippled and weakened to the point were people had to work the whole day only to be able to wait in line for bread.

The first countries which recognized the independent Croatia (a perfect reminder of Hitlers NDH) were no less than Vatican and Germany, what a surprise right!? So Serbia being under sanctions and facing the worst economic crisis since the second world war and struggling to support it’s people being brutally harassed and executed in Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina (500’000 serbian refugees fled to Serbia during these wars as a result) also had to fight against the growing terrorism and exremism purpatrated by the terrorist group which call themselves KLA.

During these wars the terrorist KLA with it’s leader Hashim Thaci (the current PM of the so called “Republic of Kosova”) has gained on strength brutally terrorising it’s opponents regardless of their nationality, many albanians who were not sharing the idea of terrorism and agression against their serbian neighbours have also been eliminated. The greatest supporters of this terrorist gang since it’s existence have been Germany (sending uniforms, arms, money and food) U.K. (providing the media support, covering the crimes, constructing the propaganda) Albania (organising training camps, providing logistics) and of course the U.S.A.

Post Civil War (1995-1999): In 1998 the Serbian government finally took a adequate and long awaited action to protect the civilian population in Kosovo i Metohija sending great amount of Police troops to try and break the KLA terrorists group chain. The action was more than successfull, by the begining of 1999 the KLA terrorist group has been cleansed from the serbian provice of Kosovo i Metohija and most of them had to flee back to Albania which provided them shelter breaking every single international law. The big players didn’t like this at all, the KLA is their product, they invested a lot during the years so they have to get something in return. The KLA has also invested a great amount in their american lobby providing them the propaganda machinery and the corrupted (about 99% of them are) politicians support assuring their masters that they’re worthy of the support. The western news (CNN, SkyNews, BBC etc. all known for their monstruos propaganda and warmongering in SFRJ, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya etc.) were full of unproven reports about Serbian police killing innocent people and comitting the ethnic cleansing of Albanian population while the truth was very plain and simple, the police has been fighting the terrorists not the people of Kosovo. The legal action of fighting against the terrorism has been spinned by the media into a brutal ethnic cleansing of the Albanian population in Kosovo i Metohija.

NATO Occupation of Kosovo (1999-present day): The NATO bombing campaign started on 23rd March 1999 causing a great amount of people from Kosovo i Metohija to flee their homes which in western media has been spinned as a ethnic cleansing of the region commited by the Serbian government and the well known dictator Slobodan Milosevic. But the fact here is that the people didn’t flee from the serbian police, the people fled because of the NATO bombs with it’s highest frequency taking place exactly in Kosovo i Metohija. The rest of Serbia & Montenegro has also been bombed day and night. In the NATO mission ironically called the “Merciful Angel”, the NATO countries (19 of them) have dropped about 25’000 tons of explosives, 50’000 pieces of lethal projectiles carrying depleted uranium which contaminated the soil, rivers and forests, killed about 2’500 civilians (red cross report says among them were 78 kids, the youngest were two and three years old) , destroyed many homes, hospitals, factories, schools, bridges and roads inflicting the financial damage that has been calculated to be as heavy as 30 billion USD.

Now you should take a look at how protecting civilians NATO style looks like:

[hana-flv-player video=”” width=”400″ height=”330″ description=”” player=”4″ autoload=”true” autoplay=”false” loop=”false” autorewind=”true” /]


Can it be that you’ve never seen this footages before? Well I’m trully not surprised by it, you see, your media outlets do not want to show you this because they’re afraid of your reactions. Also the RTS (Radio Televizija Srbije) serbian TV station who recorded these shocking footages of war, misery and disaster was bombed by a NATO Tomahawk missile killing about 16 journalists in the building! Now the NATO trully knows how to promote human rights, equality and the freedom of speech for all nations, don’t you think!?

As you can very clearly see using your common sense it was no wonder that after only three weeks of this criminal and fascist NATO bombing campaign more than 800’000 Albanians had to flee from Kosovo i Metohija and seek their rescue in their motherland on the south, into the country of Albania. The serbian people have fled from these bombing raids too of course, about 280’000 serbs have fled to central and northern Serbia during these 78 days of constant bombings, leaving their homes and land uprotected. The Albanian refugees all 800’000 of them, have returned to Kosovo i Metohija after the peace agreement has been reached on 9th of June that same year. The Serbian refugees have never returned to their homes. Some of them living in most unhumane conditions imaginable to this day.

Container “residence” in Gracanica

 The UN resolution has been signed, the famous 1244 UN resolution which states that the serbian province of Kosovo i Metohija is de facto a part of sovereign country of Serbia and that it can’t be seceded. That same resolution has also brought the KFOR (NATO) forces to protect the fragile peace and order in the serbian province and to guarantee the process of peaceful return of all the refugees to their homes. Despite that fact, as I already stated above, only Albanian refugees have returned while Serbian refugees threatened by the KLA members wich under the UN protectorate took the leading roles in politics and provincial institutions, didn’t have the courage nor conditions to return. No one wants to guarantee their basic human rights nor protect them against the terrorist KLA clan.

The best example of my statements above is the progrom of the Serbs in Kosovo i Metohija in which happened in 2004 lasting from 17th – 19th March where more than 74 of the oldest and most valuable serbian (christian orthodox) monasteries have been destroyed.  The KFOR didn’t react to this violence, they stood back and watched how the oldest structures and the most precious pieces of Serbian culture are being pulvereized by an angry mob of about 200’000 Albanians for two days. Many serbs who remained in the southern parts of Kosovo had to leave their homes and flee to the north. The March violence left 19 dead and over 900 injured and pitted the two sides into deeper mistrust nearly sinking the United Nations’ five-year efforts to reconcile the two ethnic groups.




Cathedral of St. George (Катедрала св. Ђорђа) in Prizren after beeing burnt by the Albanian mob.







Dmitrije Popović (Дмитрије Поповић) Serbian teenager 16 years old shot on 5th June 2004 by Albanian extremists, most probably members of the KLA.


But wait, that’s not all, now after all the years of torture and suffering of the serbian and albanian (those who opposed the KLA and U.S.A. plans) people the new U.S.A. puppets in Kosovo i Metohija are unilaterally declaring their independence on 17th of February 2008. Many western countries have hurled to immediately recognize the new puppet state as it is the case with the new government of Libyas NTC (National Transitional Council) thugs and war criminals. Is it even worth mentioning that the prime minister Hashim Thaci of this so called state has been on the Interpol list of most wanted terrorists in the world? Is it even worth mentioning that this so called prime minister of “Republic of Kosova” has been involved in numerious crimes against humanity incl. butchering people and snatching their organs. And that being said do you know that the hart of a person has to be taken out warm and beating to be reusable? Mr. Dick Marty has made a declaration in the EU parliament stating that Hashim Thaci was directly involved in butchering the imprisoned serbian civilians and selling their organs to the Israeli elite customers!

Adding to the misery, the Serbian puppet government allowed the EULEX (E.U. police forces) to play the police games in serbian occupied province of Kosovo i Metohija, signing the agreement with them as early as in 2008 soon after the puppet president Boris Tadić became the formal president of the puppet Serbian state! According to the U.N. resolution 1244 the serbian police forces and military have the right to marche in to the province as soon as the KFOR (NATO) and EULEX cannot keep the peace. Why are’nt they marching in? Why do they allow NATO to shoot at the unarmed serbian civilians, the true peaceful protesters, peaceful protesters that give the food to the soldiers, dance for them and play football infront of their barbwires just to try to wake them up, to chear them up and rise their spirits…

Now back to the mafia. The organ snatching gang. There are numerious evidences for the claims of Mr. Dick Marty, but who will do the investigation? Is the judge going to judge himself? Is the butcher going to admit that what he has done is wrong? Is it even worth saying that this man is exactly the kind of man that U.S.A., U.K., Germany and the rest of the western world’s warmongering countries need? And while evidences are being destroyed and witnesses being silenced and killed, the U.N., U.S.A., U.K., Germany and the rest of the gang is turning the blind eye! The key witness of the case hanged himself in Germany about two or three days ago, I kind of have some suspicions about this suicide taking into account that this guy is not the first witness of the case who suddenly doesn’t want to live anymore and commits a damn suicide!

I kind of ask myself lately is this blog going to kill me? Is this perticular topic about the infamous KLA going to wipe me of as well? Do I have to be afraid? Do I want to be afraid? I’m starting to ask myself is this really the world I’m willing to live in for the rest of my miserable life? The world in which the bloggers dissapear over night in Mexico! In the world where the CIA is controlling the world gangs, drug cartels, the terrorists and gives them the intelligence and support to the point where these gangs become gods! You should also ask youreself are you ready to look the reality into the face and spit into the mirror, admitting that you are much more than flesh and bones! Admitting that you are the soul, the spirit, endless energy, that you are free and proud to be a human! Are we really ready to live in the world where we are only numbers, statistics and taxpayers? And by the way if you notice that I’m not updating the site as frequently as I did in the past, don’t be surprised to find out that I also commited a suicide!

So here we go again!? The butchers, organ snatchers, terror gangs, hitmen, SS divisions and other scum of the earth, are the rolemodels and the “true” leaders for the manipulated youth! So here we go again!? The occupation forces are installing their puppet governments in the countries they occupy by force and tell them what is to be done and said! So here we go again!? The occupation forces shooting at the people whose only wish is to live in their own country with dignity, respect and basic human rights not allowing the others to put them in the concetration camps!

This is how the history repeats itself! And how long it will repeat itself is up to us to decide! It’s up to us to raise our voices against the fascism again! It’s up to us to say: “We don’t want to live as slaves! We don’t want to be a part of the killing machine! We want our freedom and our dignity back!”.

30.09.2011 Џамбас

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